Monday, May 29, 2006


I am a patient
Sick in the ward of words

The physician of prose says
mixtures of phrase
are good for the
affliction of diction

The nurse of verse gets
pills of rhymes, epithets
many times a day

But they do not reveal
I show
other symptoms of rot

For they know that I know
the throat of my mind
has cancer of thought.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I look at the mosaic of moments,
Lovely, cruel, funny, gloomy,
For they are gone
Gone Forever.

In this sad, dark night,
Don't look into my eyes,
The moons gone,
The milky streak of tears gone,
Gone Forever.

Searching for the truth,
Bold, bitter, fair, hurting,
For it swept those faces away,
Curled, twisted, weird, lovely,
all those expressions gone,
Gone Forever.

I wanted to hold him, hug him tightly,
fireball seem to have lost its glow,
The glows gone
Gone Forever.

Should I find answer to the questions,
unspoken, real, pinching, imaginary,
Should I wait for those,
Moments, expressions, glow
Till am gone
Gone Forever.

Written on :May 22nd 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

WHAT"S LIFE ALL ABOUT ??( contd...)

Have you ever seen the shell-pink dawn of Life,
Followed by flaming rising golden sun,
Then the magic turn from gold to silver,
The high moon of Life where all material things must be acquired,
Then the law of nature left behind,
Meteoric success achieved at lightning speed,
One golden moment studded with 60 diamond seconds,
No second chance given for- they are gone forever,
It is sunset. The heavens are aflame,
As the ball of fire settles in, inviting velvet arms of night,
One beautiful life has just burnt out, another just born,
As the world watches dumbfounded,
For others a good Life meant 100 years,
She lived a complete life time with rising and setting of sun,
That's what Life is all about,
With a smile on your lips and a prayer in your heart
If you truely love me, you'll set me free.

Have you ever seen the romantic, scared, dreamy moon,
As you walk alone on the moonlit night,
Its soft silvery glow invisibly bathes your body,
You looked into his eyes and your secret world explodes,
He looked back into your eyes , couldn't see the truth,
Your eyes were the mirror of your heart,
It made no sense............
Then the dawn of truth smashing all fragments of reality, truth and dreams,
The lovelorn moon disappears behind dark, menacing, angry clouds,
That's what Life is all about,
With a smile on your lips and a prayer in your heart
If you truely love me, you'll set me free.


लोग जाते हैं, यादें रह जातीं हैं,
इन यादों को दिल में बसा लिजिये.

आखों के ये आंसू, तस्वीर हैं हमारी,
पलकों पे इनको सजा लिजिये.

कदम-दर-कदम आप याद आयेंगे,
कदमों को हमारे नई दिशा दीजिये.

किस्मत को था इतना ही साथ मंज़ूर,
मुस्कुराते हुए अब विदा दीजिये.