Friday, February 11, 2011

I am proud to be an Indian

A country known for its tradition,
A depiction of lady with determination.

To the core, versatile,
From mountains, rivers, to the land fertile.

Colors of diversity,
Blended with a sense of rationality.

A land with the dominance,
In peace, power and perseverance.

A symbol of trinity,
Creation, preservation, dissolution in unity.

"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam",
Power, courage, pride & confidence as emblem.

Flag that gives inspiration,
Idea of economic, social, spiritual wealth creation.

Corruption & manipulation can never stay,
for we know that "Satyamev jayatey".

To all faith, sects & religion, we bow, "namami",
As the ultimate is "tatvamasi, aham bramhasami".

"Ahimsa paramo dharma"
Achieving goals with truth and karma.

Eager to become modern,
handling the change with tradition,

So many routes to ultimate truth & reality,
Science, art, religion and spirituality.

Driven by the kinship orientation,
Driven by power of motivation.

There is hope for regeneration,
To ensure human resurrection.

Goodness in humans must be in forefront,
This is the choice for new generation.

Written on: Aug. 13th 2010